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Video Production

Video Production

Don’t you want your important commercial video produced correctly — the first time?

Welcome to TOTALS where we provide a vast range of video production services. Including services;

  • documentary formatted video
  • commercial web video
  • entertaining audio video
  • post production editing
  • instructional training videos
  • capturing unforgettable world events

At TOTALS we pay close attention to the details, by encompassing quality and customer service as our main attributes with end results being;

  • creative
  • informative
  • engaging

Which is why TOTALS ‘stands out from the crowd’ and so will you!

Together with our professional video production team, we will obtain access to the latest technologies in the industry. Rest assured that TOTALS will accomplish the very best end result for your company’s most important projects while maintaining your budget.

Standard video production services, the TOTALS way;

Web Videos

Web videos aren’t just a wonderful way to engage your target market while sharing pertinent data, but it can assist in the overall performance of your website as well. With our expertise in web design and web development, TOTALS can develop website videos while maintaining the industry’s best practices.

Post Production Services

Not happy with your current video production? No problem, TOTALS can help by polishing, editing and incorporating a pros edge to your company’s existing visual communications. TOTALS offers a visual/audio post production package to get you back on track and down the road to success.