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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

As a business owner we realize you have a huge responsibility with endless tasks to do all-day every-day. However, posting to your social media platforms doesn’t have to be one of them anymore!

Today Most Small to Mid Size Business are Being Left Out in the Cold When it Comes to Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM) can be daunting and considered a time consumer by high level management and business owners. Time is money and if your ROI isn’t paying dividends then the headaches will mount.

Drop the stresses and get in the game with TOTALS the premium SMM package!! Our team of social media gurus not only continuously monitor and update your Social Media platforms, but will also embrace an decipher your specific objectives and goals into profits. TOTALS will handle the technical characteristics, while you reap the benefits!

Professional Social Media Manager

A full-time social media manager expert will be working on your company’s social media platforms day and night. Our team will be working closely with you every step of the way to develop the idyllic strategy & implementation for every SMM campaign.

Social Media Posting

Your SMM will be created under the highest quality social media content. These posts will be made to your social media platforms and could include;

  • high-end quality article content
  • high-resolution images
  • videos
  • topical text.

Each and every post will be applicable to your industry which covers;

  • promotional posts
  • educational posts
  • engaging posts.


Advanced Analytic Reporting

As a client of TOTALS you’ll be entitled to updates from SMM expert so you are never out of the loop. You’ll also receive an analytic report as specified. These advanced reports help determine performance of all your company’s social media platforms and how well they are generating.

TOTALS now removes social media from your daily “to-do” list so you can zero in on what you do best – growth.