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Our SEO knowledge will dazzle you. Perhaps as much as the results do.

Clients often select TOTALS based on our SEO experience alone. And why not? SEO is our passion and first true love. We’ve been SEO experts in the industry since 2011. However, being one of the most experienced SEO experts is not why clients continue to work with us. The bottom line is the results. So how do we do it?

1. Forget the ineffective shotgun methods. Think of us as your SEO surgeon of precision.

Our approach at Totals Marketing & Business Solution is much more precise. Like using a surgeon’s scalpel – a really really sharp one – to shape out a precise niche for your business enabling top effective Google rankings.

2. Greater SEO content equals increased ROI

Search Engine Optimization strategy founded on the most relevant keywords is key since increased relevance equates to more qualified online traffic which ultimately translates to more inquiries, conversions, and sales for your business.

This is why our enthusiastic SEO expert consultants will allow the time to grasp your company’s vision and goals. As well as comprehensively research the perfect search terminology that will most likely drive unlimited traffic to your business website.

3. Why our SEO services will work

In addition to excellent customer service our comprehensive SEO strategy and services provides:

  • Keyword Analysis- Extensive keyword research to determine the search terms which attracts the most relevant customers
  • Competitor Analysis- Deep analysis of competitors website to determine their strategies
  • On-page Optimization- Optimize for critical key phrases, placing page title, meta tags, internal links, sitemaps and much more.
  • Link Acquisition- To increase the online presence
  • Tracking & Reporting- Sophisticated tools like Google Analytics for monitoring performance and ensuring desired results.