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Google AdWords

Our team of Google-certified consultants working for you only means a Google AdWords campaign that generates online traffic. And loads of it. We are eagerly standing by to deliver. Question is, are you?

Google AdWords; the Totals Marketing & Business Solution Way

Experience and professional knowledge tells us that the quickest and most sustainable results are delivered by the big-picture technique. This includes our customer service, the time necessary to comprehend your overall business, vision, goals and industry trends, through to:

  • Precision research to help us establish the most beneficial search terminology
  • Detailed tracking and measuring analytics allowing us to constantly hone your campaign
  • Geographical location to determine the exact timing of your Google AdWords ads will be promoted.
  • Expand click-throughs to your business website and maximize your conversion rate
  • Applying SEM (search engine marketing) a technique applied by TOTALS as an effective method to drive better search engine results ultimately generating more traffic to your website.
  • GDN (Google Display Network); With our implement of the GDN, we’ll display your campaign on a vast network of websites across the internet, maximizing your exposure.
  • Youtube; a crucial strategy in your campaign, take advantage of the massive shift toward video marketing


As Targeted, Cost Effective and Responsive Like No Other

Our Kuwait-based Google AdWords certified consultants will have your campaign active in days. Allowing valuable traffic through to your business website in no time.

Working together with our steadfast Google AdWords team of experts, you’re able to revise the prominence of your Google advertising as you feel necessary. Allowing our clients this access and versatility has created one of the most dynamic and popular Google AdWords management team in the industry.


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