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Are you a new company or an existing brand looking for that ultimate refresh?

When choosing TOTALS as your branding professionals, we’ll generate all your branding needs including;

  • strategy
  • logo
  • naming
  • identity
  • guidelines

Working in tandem, we’ll educate ourselves about your business and brand which includes acquiring knowledge on;

  • your vision
  • your mission
  • your objective
  • your customers
  • your market.

Our belief as a branding agency is to first recognize and understand our client’s brand: the  story which is authentic and identifies your brand. Most standard branding agencies simply tackle brand communication through basic advertising. Which is fine but it’s not the best and most accurate component of branding your vision. Jumpstart your growth potential today with the TOTALS way of branding ideology;

  • Brand Story
  • Brand Strategy & Position
  • Message & Tone of Voice
  • Logos & Iconography
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Lifestyle & Product Photography
  • Packaging & Product Design
  • Retail & Branded Spaces

At TOTALS we firmly believe in creating the total bundle. An integrated branding package of communication which will include a range of various channels;

  • PR
  • graphic design
  • web and digital communication
  • social media
  • content marketing
  • advertising

Operating a complete brand strategy via integrated branding communications isn’t only more engaging, but effective, powerful while being cost efficient. This approach also promises longivity and customer loyalty.