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Digital Advertising

The hard working professionals at TOTALS are experts when it comes to digital strategic insights, brands and institutions. While boosting revenue and delivering that extraordinary online ad experience your clients demand.

To achieve a successful digital advertising campaign companies must balance the requirements of their customers with the actual commercial specification of your business. To effectively deliver a digital advertising campaign, it should transition seamlessly into tactical implementation.

The TOTALS process…

Even though all digital advertising strategy are unique. Typically our direction is structured around the following core beliefs of incorporating the following;

  • “Why, What If and How” research tactic
  • Understanding the specific objective of each business
  • Clarify an extensive marketing memo for digital execution
  • Develop detailed target audience
  • Technology resources
  • Competitor analysis reports
  • Gap analysis
  • Establish benchmarks, KPI’s

Digital Advertising is a Proven Success Tactic

Don’t under estimate the power of digital advertising. Let’s review some of the top reasons why digital advertising works for branding your business.

  1. Increase Sales and ROI
  2. Magnifies the Potency of Non-Digital Media Outlets
  3. It’s Successful Across the Entire Customer Expedition
  4. Drives Word of Mouth
  5. Drives Engagement, Interaction and Promotes Brands
  6. Much More Efficient then Traditional Media Outlets
  7. Reach a Broader Audience
  8. More Effective then You’ll Ever Know

The theory to be everywhere, and people will find you does hold true. This tactic embraces Social Media platforms, SEO methods, blogging and press releases, however it also zones in on what occurs after the click. In terms of the measuring return on money and effort.